21 Great Quotes

@ConversationAge Quotes from Valeria Maltoni


Throughout the summer, I shared some quotes about many of the topics we discuss at Conversation Agent. I thought youd' enjoy having them all in one place as midweek inspiration.

We're all under the influence of story:

  • those we tell ourselves about the world
  • and those we create with the world

We resonate with those stories that most closely match our view of the world. Depending on our mindset — fixed or growth-oriented — that view changes more or less rapidly as shaped by situations and experiences over time.

If you were to write a letter to yourself of the future today, what would you write? When would you mail it so you could look back at how far you've come? What stops you from starting on that path now?

You can go through this exercise for your business as well — corporation, enterprise, agency, or consutling firm, you have people in them.



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