To the Crazy Ones

Steve Jobs narrates. [hat tip Jean-Louis Gassée]

There is just something very special about hearing the intonation of a leader speaking with passion. You already know I'm a big Steve Jobs fan.

What you probably don't know is that I've used these very words for inspiration many a time when I needed to push through and go far enough to start reaping the benefits of my work.

See, many of us try way too many things, and forget that it is when we truly get beyond the "idea", even the "big idea", it is then that we start connecting the dots. To succeed, though, you've got to have dots, bits of good work, you've seeded on your way there.

We're increasingly involved in a service economy, where the effort to results ratio is harder to quantify in solid terms. Are we building a cathedral or a house of cards? Are we applying motivation to the appropriate doing?



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