In a Heartbeat


"The things that you build in the next decade are going to cost people,
likely millions of people, maybe a billion people depending on the
networks where you hitch your respective wagons, they are going to cost a
lot of people a lot of time."

[Paul Ford]


This is from a keynote Paul Ford gave at the 2012 MFA Interaction Design Festival in May. He addresses the talk to the interaction designers that define the experiences that allow other people to make things and concludes with this question:

If we are going to ask people, in the form of our products, in the form
of the things we make, to spend their heartbeats—if we are going to ask
them to spend their heartbeats on us, on our ideas, how can we be sure,
far more sure than we are now, that they spend those heartbeats wisely?

The question of investing time wisely applies to many if not all of our pursuits.


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