The Biggest Risk


"In the end, the biggest risk is not to take any risks at all. In science we find that:

  • The opposite of a deep truth can also be true: waves can also be particles, and energy is another form of matter; two mutually exclusive things can be part of the same larger reality
  • Every action has a reaction
  • Everything is connected
  • Things look different in different reference frames
  • Rules change in unfamiliar terrain, often in counter-intuitive ways"

[K.C. Cole, Mind Over Matter]


This quote is from an enjoyable collection of essays K.C. Cole wrote for the Los Angeles Times and collected in a book through loosely joined threads.

Themes include uncertainty, the limitations of measure, fragility, illusion, humility before nature, complacency. I've been long interested in the intersection points between biology and humanism, with the modern equivalent in technology and business.

In one of the essays, Cole expands on the theme of complacency by drawing on biology:

The only way to stay in place in the universe is to keep moving. You are always in movement relative to something, whether you can sense it or not. Equilibrium is always dynamic.
In biological systems, neutrality is death. An organism that doesn't constantly put energy into fighting disintegration dies.

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