Conversation Agent Turns Six


They grow so fast, don't they?

When we look back on things like our work, careers, business, and life events often have that movie-like quality. We see them as stories packaged and ready for telling, complete with lessons learned, twists, and big ah-ha moments.

It is the value of your promise and the wisdom of the trade that earns your place in the market. One of the how you do that to have a rich past to draw from is by being in the moment, in conversation while you build and deliver on your promises today.

Being present to this site every day, thinking out loud with you, and sharing from some of my experiences have been incredibly rewarding. My philosophy on social network participation continues to reflect why this site exists.

The image above is the concept for a poster that collects how: ten Conversation Agent Meaningful Actions in one handy place for easy reference.

As I did in years past, I'm planning to host a guest post by someone I admire and learn from (stay tuned for that), and to share an inspirational collection of thoughts as a handy reminder that we/you are not alone in our pursuit.



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