Will the Real Conversation Agents Step up?


Conversation with the right intent, or influence, is about turning
together, connecting. Conversation is the opportunity.

You don't get
that just from throwing content over the fence. You need to go along with it and be present as the active ingredient.

Conversation needs to be invited and facilitated. It needs negotiating, and interpreting, and teasing out. You know why?

Because people don't buy you or your stuff — they buy how they feel about themselves as they talk to you or use your stuff.

Conversation is the white space

The reason why conversation is a fundamental part of commerce is that

(a) meaning must be negotiated
– none of the elements (e.g., assets, value proposition, markets,
territory, channels, customers, etc.) come with labels or care
instructions and

(b) we need feedback to know how to be appropriate
i.e. to put the pieces together in the way that creates the most value.
While relationships take time to set, listening and negotiating get you
closer to the money.

Building is about getting your hands dirty this very moment. How you
handle today becomes your yesterday. The more forward you're
projecting, the more empty yesterdays you're going to have.

Humanism is the active agent in increasing the options, choices, and possibilities of commerce. This is the topic of my proposed dual at SxSW 2013.



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