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[UPDATE: Because this is such exciting news and I want people to see it, I'm keeping this post on top of Conversation Agent home page for a while. Scroll down to read newer posts.]

I'm very excited to share good news: I’ve joined Empathy Lab as Senior Director of Strategy.

I also want to take a moment to express my gratitude for my Conversation Agent clients in the last year+. It has been a joy working with you.

I’ll be working with the agency and its clients to extend Empathy Lab's roster and track record of delivering digital and social strategies, experiences, and programs for some of the world’s most iconic brands in Media
& Entertainment and eCommerce.

Empathy Lab is trusted to lead a range of multi-platform digital experiences for brands such as American Red Cross, DirecTV, NBCU, Comcast,
Lionsgate, Sony Home Entertainment, Liberty Global, AIG and many others.

A digital investment to pay off in the short and long term needs to account for how as buyers and loyal customers we like to search for, pull information, share it, and interact with brands — whether we're buying a game or looking for the best lipstick.

It's not so much about adopting a mobile approach as it is about understanding mobility, which is contextual. We live in the age of the storeless store and the saleless sale. Viewing
the world from the buyer's perspective and delivering a consistent and scalable experience with your brand is becoming increasingly

Over the last dozen years, both on the client and agency side, I’ve worked with well known organizations operating in the most complex business environments in the world, helping them align digital media, social technologies, and customer experience to drive the best results for the business and its brands.

Each industry I worked in, from financial services to technology, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods, and each organization faces the challenge of meeting the demands of savvier and more connected customers.

Digital media and social technologies are not a mere point of integration anymore — they create new and real opportunities
for businesses to rethink how they build, deliver, and grow brands. A customized, business-driven approach is the best way to make a real, measurable impact.

Empathy Lab's belief that being understood is a need deeply nested in the human condition resonated with me. They assembled an impressive team both on the technical and business side, both for depth of experience and the results they deliver to clients.

The company has grown organically and the leadership team’s commitment to continue to invest in talent, tools, and methodologies to anticipate client needs in an industry that continues to evolve at such a rapid pace is a key growth driver.

I join a star team of performers and am eager to contribute to the firm's clients success. I'm very excited about the opportunities for the brands we serve both in digital media and with social.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity to join such a team — helping businesses sail on the winds of trade is my passion and we're just getting started on what is possible to accomplish with digital media.

addition to leading client strategy engagements, I will
drive Empathy Lab’s social media/engagement offering for both the Media
& Entertainment and eCommerce practices. I will continue to
speak at industry events around the world.

My next engagement is on
Sept 4-5th in São Paulo, Brazil at Digital Age 2.0, so come and say hi if you're attending.



Valeria is an experienced listener. She is also frequent speaker at
conferences and companies on a variety of topics. To book her for a
speaking engagement click here.

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