Connection Friday: Resources Worth Your Time

Feedback LoopI often share good resources I come across and use and links to learning opportunities on the Conversation Agent Facebook page.

So if you're into that, you may want to like that page to stay in the loop.

Sharing there first allows me also to get your feedback in real time.

Real time feedback loops

We're getting used to operate in streams, adding what we know to what others know and see, and taking snippets back to our own work (hopefully). This is the reason why people want streams, even though they may not necessarily show their reactions.

A good cross media integration includes some of these considerations — helping people copy, share, remix, and making it easier to provide feedback in real time.

Your visible response rate may be a fraction of your attention pool, which is why the volume and methods of listening needs to be turned up very high (also, you need to know what you're listening for).

Learning tip: When I evaluate tools, I ask myself, would I hire this app/tool to do this job?

Do you use your presence in social networks to do that? You can listen with influence (done with the right intent).

Resources worth your time

Attention is more valuable than money. Why I choose very carefully what to recommend. When I compile a list of resources, it's because I have vetted each single one through use and your feedback.

I did it for 50 blogs for your must read list, and again on 50 job resources for makers. One of my secrets in finding so many good leads is following the suggestions offered by the pros who deliver. Take a look at some of their posts and you will see them reference others.

Make a habit out of learning and it's doable all the time. (it also feels less daunting).


For today, I'd like to point you to a couple of posts worth thinking about.

Mechanics of social influence

Mark Earls coauthored a new book I'll Have What She's Having: Mapping Social Behavior (Simplicity: Design, Technology, Business, Life) that will help you shed some light into the social mechanics of influence. Part of it is our impulse to copy the behavior of others.

Which is why it's better to have positive role models in our networks.

For a sample post that illustrates his thinking, read about what's wrong with banking and financial incentives.

Learning tip: when I read something, I process it as, what am I going to do with this (data, information, story, etc.)?


Risk intelligence

Gerald Baron authored a book a few years ago Now is Too Late 2 still worth reading (this second edition is from 2006) for the many hands-on examples of real crisis response from personal experience. This is tangentially also a resource about influence. You want to exert the right kind in a crisis.

Which is why it's much better to be prepared to address issues, especially in the age of instant news.

For a sample post that illustrates his thinking, read about how to start nasty rumors, which seems to be a new turn recently. (and it impacts not only communication pros)

Learning tip: look at take aways from adjacent industries and useful practices, take as how would this show up in my line of work/business?


How about you? Have you learned something or about a resource recently we should look into? Why?

Happy Friday.



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