Uploading Humanism with Commerce

PP_VOTE_IDEA_SXSW2013This is the headline for a conversation I'd like to hold at SxSW interactive 2013.

It's been my focus in the last couple of years, and the reason why I've chosen the path I'm currently on.

Besides being wicked smart, a corporate legal counsel, a philosopher, and a good person, Peter is quite the spirited conversationalist — we've known each other for 12 years. Here are some of his thoughts on directorship.

The description for the proposed topic:

Uploading Humanism with Commerce

Transactions are the highest form of preference. It is the value of your promise and the wisdom of the trade that earns your place in the market.

The reason why conversation is a fundamental part of commerce is that (a) meaning must be negotiated – none of the elements (e.g., assets, value proposition, markets, territory, channels, customers, etc.) come with labels or care instructions and (b) we need feedback to know how to be appropriate i.e. to put the pieces together in the way that creates the most value. While relationships take time to set, listening and negotiating get you closer to the money.

Humanism is the active agent in increasing the options, choices, and possibilities of commerce.

Questions Answered

  1. Why make the promise and what limits does it place on future promises?
  2. How will the promise be kept and what is the risk/probability if not kept (on both sides of the trade)?
  3. How do you use conversation to identify and create the most value?
  4. How do you run brand scenarios (look at fresh ways to trade better promises and assets on the buy side, sell side, and inside the business)?
  5. What assumptions are made and is the risk priced/mitigated?


I would be honored to share the stage with Peter, and you can help make it possible (he's based in Melbourne, Australia), by voting here.

Thank you for your ongoing support.



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