How do You Make Something Worth Promoting?


There's a lot of talk about promoting your stuff in social networks.

Then there's the talk about the successful promotion of the stuff other people make.

There isn't nearly as much conversation about making something worth promoting. (promotion of the writing you do about selling the stuff you have doesn't count).

Then consider: where are your expectations? What does making it big mean to you?

Put specific edges on them, so you can work it.

Talking about promotion is much more exciting than working on your product.

The experience happens close to the product. That's where differentiation meets value proposition — people come to you because you are the only one who meets certain criteria. They may even talk about their experience to everyone they know if you give them the opportunity to fill in their details and complete the story.

Does this story lead somewhere worth my time?

That's where business increases its relevance. It's where your relevance is higher, too.


[image courtesy of Seth Godin]


Valeria is an experienced listener. She is also frequent speaker at conferences and companies on a variety of topics. To book her for a speaking engagement click here.

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