Connecting the Stream with Action

SxSW_logoDid you submit a topic proposal for SxSW Interactive 2013?

Congratulations if you did.

It takes courage to take initiative, to want to contribute to taking the conversation further.

Why stop there?

Regardless of whether your panel, solo, or dual will be accepted or not (voting is August 13-31), you have the kernel of a question you can use as a springboard to a full quest.

Is your topic meant to teach while showcasing expertise in developing a product, or take a practice to the next level? Good.

Go ahead and use this year to make it happen. (you don't get a lifetime pass to having done one thing that worked)

Call your submission motivation, match your goal to the right executions in a plan done with the right intent (influence), and get going.

Then use the session at the conference to talk about how you did it and why. By voting yourself in, you get to do the project anyway.

I'll let you decide whether there is a material difference in your life if you get to talk about it at SxSW Interactive.

Connecting the stream with action

A couple of years ago, in a three-post series, I explained why and how we're connecting the stream with action:

  • technology and humanism meet — where I explain the importance of filters, publishing, the value of open source, and that of frameworks to balance logic and emotion
  • business becomes social — the opportunities here are in situational awareness, as ambient concierge, and with adaptive DNA

All of this is helpful once it's done.

The exciting part: this is a recurring opportunity.



Valeria is an experienced listener. She is also frequent speaker at conferences and companies on a variety of topics. To book her for a speaking engagement click here.

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