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From Customer Conversation to Conversion


For many organizations, integrating the customer experience with social media remains a challenge. Companies do social and still forget to organize to be social.


The (new) Marketing Revolution

Is marketing that makes business sense.


Has marketing in control failed to attempt, or has it attempted and failed? Are we doing marketing that makes business sense?


Sephora: It Comes Down to (Good) User Experience, Even in the Store


Word of mouth works best when you provide a great experience. Period.

How do you do that? We all want to be heard and understood.

When you're a product company that sells in a highly competitive market like the beauty industry, you focus on impeccable service.

Why go to a Sephora store if you don't intend to buy a Sephora product?

Because they are nice in addition to being professional and knowledgeable. Sephora is the Apple store of the beauty industry.


Six Areas of Opportunity to Connect with Customers


Your customers have their own antenna, complete with BS detector without needing a two-year plan for it.


How Blogs Continue to Create a Trust Path with Customers

Number of Blogs per Fortune 500 ComanyThis chart is a couple of years old. I used it in a post about trust and corporate blogs. If you know of a more recent chart point me to it.

After almost six years of publishing regularly on this blog and other sites, I still see the benefit of blogging.

The discipline and drill help organizations build continuity and consistency in their interactions.








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