Being the Only One

TheProfessionalThe way my mother uses Facebook  is very different from the way you and I do it.

She doesn't follow any of the rules we set in the marketing and communication social media world.

She doesn't have a calculated quota of likes to reach, or number of friends she absolutely needs to have.

It's easy to see how she might think "I'm the only one who uses it this way", because it's personal.

There are millions of similar reasons why social networks and tools work for people who just want to share who they are with their friends and family.

Young and old, any color in the rainbow, as far as they know, they're the only ones doing it and thinking like they do.

Where we start to get into a murky zone is when someone who brands themselves a professional pronounces statements like "In fact, as far as I know, I'm the only blogger that [fill in the blanks]" when talking about well-known (and discussed) issues in the use of digital media and social networks.

The mark of a professional is being apPROpriate, especially with colleagues and peers. Regardless of what the rest of the world might or might not do or know.

There are consequences to our actions and words.

Imagine what kind of environment a customer service representative who complains to his colleagues that their understanding of the company's product and service is superior creates. The whole category suffers.

The customer experience is impacted.

Just not in the desired direction.



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