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From how to develop a case study, to examples of brands that have implemented successful digital/social strategies, a best of post you might find useful as you plan for the second part of the year.


How to Develop a Case Study

Did you know that case study is an expression marketers and sales professionals borrowed from science?

When we talk about case studies, what we mean is a bit simpler, although getting to the results takes work. We mean telling the story of how we progressed through solving a problem and delivering results.

The structure of a case study varies slightly, depending on its use.

See How to Develop a Case Study


BlackRock Takes Stock of its Social Media Assets: Employees

The first step for them was to create an internal collaboration tool, with internal rules and processes that allowed for document retention, as per regulation.

The purpose: to educate people on the inside and get them talking with each other and about collaboration. 

The divide and conquer approach they took for the team initially to learn the tools was not working. It was not taking them to becoming experts.

So they restarted, this time lowering their expectations. Meanwhile, they worked on identifying the business value for social solutions.

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See How They did it: 104 Social Media Case Studies

Is your boss still skeptical about social media? Are you looking for creative ideas for social media executions? Do you have a sense of what you're looking to achieve? This post is for you.

See How they Did it: 104 Social Media Case Studies


Intuit Bakes Community into their Digital Marketing

Some of the questions they wanted to address are: What are people afraid of?

What is preventing someone from having the confidence to use TurboTax instead of going to a tax store?

Intuit worked with Bazaarvoice for the engine that collects reviews, and Gigya, the connective tissue that makes the site network-agnostic to Facebook or Twitter.

The company gives customers the tools to easily share reviews with their social networks — good or bad.

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The Case for Social Media in B2B

Do you have a user group forum, conference, or a customer- and best-prospect-event?

In my 20-year experience working in businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B) these are some of the best ways to build relationships with your customer and prospect base — in the same room, doing something together.

Making The Case for Social Media in B2B


Top Customer Service Accounts on Twitter

Thanks to a few online success stories brought about by dedicated customer service individuals, companies are starting to see the wisdom of putting the human back into customer service.

That means offering customer service in person. Is in person real time today?

Along with the additional promotional opportunity opened up with social media, many are walking the walk and actually listening to customers.

Top Customer Service Accounts on Twitter


Customer Conversations on Twitter Are Good Brand Management

Knowing what you're listening for is half the battle, and the first ingredient in most practice. Knowing when and how to respond is more than good etiquette.

It's become an integral aspect of brand management and can mean the difference between a flop — or worse, a crisis — and a deposit in your company's reputation bank.

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Social Media as Modern Telephone, Frank Eliason, Comcast

For many of us, Frank Eliason was the first face and experience of Comcast on Twitter.

Although Eliason has moved on to another organization, Comcast has a team on Twitter and is still listening to and helping customers.

Rather than me talking about him I thought it a good idea to let him talk directly with you here.

Read the interview here Social Media as Modern Telephone: Frank Eliason, Comcast


Obama's Social Media Campaign

As the political campaigns heat up this summer, I thought it would be useful to review what the Obama camp did back in 2008.

Much has been already written about how Obama crushed the social media and texting worlds during his campaign.

Obama's Social Media Campaign


You, too can follow in the footsteps left by these brands with their success.



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