May I Introduce You?

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Creativity has many facets.

It doesn't follow a predictable pattern and applies to some many disciplines. In a two-book series titled May I introduce you? Fiat heir Ginevra Elkann features a lot of people she never met in person, who struck a chord with their work.

Among them: Thomas Ermacora, Maaza Mengiste, Katie Scott, The Impossible Project.

Planning the work, and working through serendipity:

There are paths of interconnection that bring you to a person. Then you kind of verify that they’re as interesting as they seem.

People are now multi-talented:

[…] that’s something else we wanted to show that people have that kind of tendency now to do more than one thing. Things are much more interconnected now and people tend to do a lot of different things.

Is there opportunity for your business is to bring together a curated collection of creative people?

One application in B2B: design a guide featuring a number of clients solving business problems creatively.


[Source: WMagazine]


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