Focus on Meaning

Solitary Tree

Things still take time to do.

Technology has accelerated the speed at which we can talk about stuff. Quality products and results still come from quality thinking, doing, and grit.

Relationships take time to set. Good ideas take time to develop and execute. They are more like trees, where a lot is going on underground before you see anything come to fruition.

What grows fast?



  • may leave unpleasant marks, in addition to being a nuisance. E.g., poison ivy
  • compete with tree-ideas for nutrients, light, and water
  • harbor pests like insects and diseases

Weed-ideas tend to be very competitive. They spread fast and are generally a problem in areas where tree-ideas are not plentiful or on soil that has been disturbed.

Too many weeds spoil the meaning.


[image by Eduardo Amorim]


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