See the Power of Networks in Less than 11 Minutes

RSA Animate illustrates Michael Lima talk on The Power of Networks.

Lima is a senior UX design lead at Microsoft Bing. In the talk, he explores the idea of network visualization as a way of navigating the complexity of our modern world.

Concepts like interconnectedness and interdependence can be represented and seen better in a network-like structure than in a hierarchical one. The ecosystem is a better way to express how things are organized, even though we may not see all the connections.

The human brain is the most complex of systems, which is why behavior is a most fascinating subject to observe and deconstruct. It is often when something is not working that we stop and take a look at this marvel that drives human cognition and abilities.

Businesses can trade models in much simpler ways. There are still relationships between the parts, buy side, sell side, inside business model, which determine how you time the future.

When looking for growth opportunities sometimes, in the haste of finding a cure, we forget to check if there is a disease (i.e., an issue) in the first place.

Give people what they really want and you have value. Do more of what works. Focus on solving the problem(s) that are there, and find a way to address the things that stand in your way. Do less of what doesn't work.

Do you have a business model problem, or do you have a poor communication issue? Are your goals clearly defined and appropriate?

How are you building momentum?

There is power in networks — they do take time to form and set. Even as it takes us less than 11 minutes to see Lima talk about complexity.


[hat tip Neil Perkin]


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