Taking Content for Granted


When you get started with blogging and publishing online, the most critical aspects of making it work revolve around three main buckets:

  1. coming up with compelling topics to write about that your readers will find useful,
  2. embedding enough novelty and interest to stimulate involvement and interaction, and
  3. staying with it, making the commitment to be consistent

There are no fast rules for how long this phase will last, because of two main variables:

  • why you're publishing, the main reasons for posting online; For example: are you looking to build a community? Is it more of a search play?
  • who makes up your team and their understanding of and fluency (experience mixed with ability to listen and time things) in engaging on owned and earned media platforms as necessary

You keep tweaking, testing, upping the ante, building to what you're building and let's say you have plenty of good energy and momentum built around it. At some point, you get to the part where your organization starts taking its content for granted.

Discussions that start with "we wrote that already," "that topic didn't get us many comments or reactions," "whenever we ask questions we don't get as much traffic". I'm making these up based upon common remarks. 

It's the same thing that was happening to your ads and slogans — by the time people started warming up to them, the internal team was tired of seeing them, year in, year out.

What do you do when you get to that point? When is it okay to propose a content overhaul? I'm not talking just about the tweaking, you were doing that all along, remember?

How would you convince your team to continue believing in the value of digital publishing? Assuming you share metrics in your regular reports, what else do you bring to the table?

Conversely, what would you use to get your team to rethink digital media altogether? What's the one approach with content you most want to test that you haven't tried yet?


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