Reinvent How You Make a Living with $100

100-StartupAbout all you need is love for something and a $100 in your pocket, says Chris Guillebeau, and you can make a living.

In The $100 Startup, Guillebeau provides extensive examples of businesses started by people all over the world, in all kinds of fields.

In this new book, which is launching this week, Guillebeau set out to provide many examples of people who have done it all over the world.

If you're looking for inspiration and practical advice on how to get started in a microbusiness that fits your lifestyle, you will find plenty here.

For the Third Community

Technology startups and small businesses have grown into strong online communities with hubs in certain areas of the U.S. for example, Silicon Valley and the nascent New York City scene for technology.

There are many resources — blogs, books, agencies, and conferences — that cater to small businesses.

However, those are not the only two options for people who either don't wish to or are transitioning out of corporate work. Whether by chance, or by accident, the people featured in the book have found a way to trade promises and follow their passion with a microbusiness.

They form a Third Community that is growing all over the world thanks to the support and convergence of falling costs to get set up to sell online from anywhere, and a body of advice from others who have done it and are willing to share the steps they took.

What this book will not give you: a desire to do it, nor the idea you should have and follow. Those are your responsibility.

Consider it a guide

It does provide a frame of reference, a clear and concise explanation of the concepts of value, purpose, and connecting with what other people want from their point of view, which is different than yours.

Other useful parts include:

  • Six Steps To Get Started Right Now: a simple six-step process for getting set up to sell online.
  • Idea Matrix: a method to evaluate competing ideas by considering impact, effort, profitability, and vision.
  • The Action Bias: on focusing on the right things.
  • The One-Page Business Plan: simple and to the point.
  • Other information like the metrics you should track, how to tweak your bottom line, and more information on running a viable business.

Guillebeau is a successful infopreneur, a new generation of enterprising professionals who make a living by providing useful and timely information to the people who need and value it. Even though the examples span many other types of businesses and international locations, the point of view and frame of reference is rooted in what he knows best.

You should consider time and effort sunk costs in this model. Purpose and determination will help you harness them as an investment you make when you actually build the microbusiness.

It's not for everyone. If starting a business excites you, or if you are looking for tips to get your side venture on track, pick up a copy of The $100 Startup today.


[Disclosure: I received a copy of The $100 Startup from Chris Guilleabeau, who I consider a friend. I was especially encouraged to see the practical, no frills, magic potion, or pixie dust this-just-worked-for-me approach in it. This review and recommendation is based upon the quality of the material — and not on how I obtained it.]


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