The Value of Not Being Average



Every so often I come across an interview where the subject is someone very likeable.

In the case of Danny DeVito, someone who also works incredibly hard while remaining good humored.

"The way I see it, what you've got to do is think of now, this moment. If you're analyzing the past, or anticipating too far into the future, you don't really concentrate on what you're doing in this moment, and that's the most important thing. Right now!" [Danny DeVito, The Observer]

I like the part where he says he likes to connect with people, talk to everyone.

That's very Italian, at least it's something I understand well (DeVito is Italo-American) and appreciate about my roots.

You could always meet someone interesting on a train, waiting for the bus to go to school (no special school buses, and we walked to the stop, rain or shine), or walking and biking around town. I remember especially standing in line at the bank or the post office.

The Made in Italy thing is my not being average to DeVito's height. Instead of looking at the way I see things differently as a disadvantage, I highlight it as an advantage. So I won't get the college jokes made with those growing up in the U.S., and occasionally I still mispronounce words.

It's good to hear a successful person say he focuses on the opportunity right in front of him. It does work out in the end. You just need to keep at it, especially at being you, and believe it will work out. DeVito is very Zen about it.

The value of not being average is also surrounding yourself with smart people to help carry the ball forward — mentors, teachers, friends, and peers.

Collaboration with a diverse team is the most exciting part of work, because you get to be yourself and complement other people who are also being themselves and using who they are. Delivering on your promises starts by working to and with the strengths of the people around you.

When you work in B2B corporations or as a consultant to complex industries, you get the best gift you could possibly receive: that of becoming a supporting element of why things work. It's like doing the parts that keep the scene working for all the others in it.

I choose to work with great people to design and execute digital brands in highly competitive industries, wherever they are.


[image from The Lorax premiere]


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