How Influence Moves Through Relationships

Power and influence

Emphasis and care are put into selecting a team, working with doers, having confidence that you're making a good decision. In an increasingly interdependent world, it is also important to take a closer look at who has influence in your ecosystem.

When we think about spheres of influence, we neglect to take into account variances based upon peer network access over time. As we grow, and our influence and access grow so do those of our peers.

Rajesh Setty reminds us that every person in a network has their own sphere of influence that grows with their growth, and answers why some smart people fall hard from the top. The conversation about power and influence is one that is about both/and.

Burning bridges has a higher cost and compounds over time because while you and your direct network were all that mattered at the beginning, the network of your peers — the ecosystem — matters more in advanced stages of your career with greater power and influence.

This is good food for thought at a personal level and a reason to pause and examine whether we got used to "slightly" taking advantage of what's available without kindness in return. Climbing on people's backs to get to the top faster may not be such a hot idea, after all.

Do you touch base only when you need a referral or a recommendation on LinkedIn, for example? Revisit that strategy, or lack of.

Do organizations also fail to understand and harness the power of the spheres of influence in their networks as they grow? Do they neglect to keep their promises? Do they forget to take into account the ecosystem in which they operate — partners, customers, channels — as they map their buy side, sell side, and inside business model?

How can business leaders become more effective at recognizing and supporting the spheres of influence within and around their organizations?



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