Why Google+ is as Special as Macintosh

Wih Guy Kawasaki


At about this time last year we were talking about how technology and humanism meet to help us realize our potential in organizations.

Opportunity is still embedded in the connections we can make in our environment.

The stream is the place where serendipity meets our social graph and new choices emerge.

The role of strategy as the motivating element for what's next in execution and innovation is still by and large untapped.

It was great to catch up with Guy Kawasaki at Ignite Austin 2011 and to hear him talk about Enchantment, his new book. Kawasaki has a new book out, and this time he's helping us understand the power and value of a social network: Google+.

My experience as an Apple evangelist flashed before my eyes: Macintosh was a better computer, and many people didn’t “get it.” Now, Google+ is a better social network, and many people don’t get it, either.

Isn’t it about time the Macintosh was simply discontinued—put down like an old dog?
John Dvorak, PC Magazine, June 17, 2002

It [Google+] may not be dead, and it’s entirely possible I’m shoveling dirt on something that’s still writhing around, promising me it is in fact the next big thing, but I’m now deaf to its cries.
Paul Tassi, Forbes, August 15, 2011

From my perspective, Google+ is to Facebook and Twitter what Macintosh is to Windows: Better, but fewer people use it, and the pundits prophesy that it will fail. As a lover of great products, this rankles my soul.

I hate when people don’t use the best tool. Sometimes people don’t know that a better tool exists. Sometimes they know it exists but not that it’s better. Sometimes they try the better tool, but the tool doesn’t stick for them.

This is part of the book opening, and an issue I also feel quite strongly about both about product and people. Sometimes you don't know something better exists. Sometimes you know it exists, you just don't know how much better it is — until you connect with it/them.

GuyKawasaki_What the Plus!

According to Kawasaki, Twitter is for perspectives, Facebook is for people, Google+ is for passions.

All networks are constantly updating and changing, so this chart is just an indication of features.

Right now, you're probably gearing up for the imminent changes on Facebook pages with the new Timeline roll out.

I shared a post with advice about the topic on my Google+ business page one short week ago.

The book outlines how to get started, how to master circles and streams, how to make an enchanting profile, how to comment and how to respond to comments, how to share posts, how to share photos, how to hang out (this is my Google+ favorite feature), how to get more followers, how to deal with bozos, how to avoid cluelessness, how to get help, and how to master Google+.

Bonus material includes how to build credibility and how to optimize search, how to be a little fish in a big pond, and how to thrive in the all-boys club.

It never is too late to enjoy meeting new people and learning new skills.

What the Plus! Google+ for the Rest of Us is available here for $2.99 on Kindle and iBooks.

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