How Do You Select Your Team?


“Life is too short to waste it with people who don’t get it, whatever “it” may be for you, so make sure you surround yourself with people who do.”

[Xenios Thrasyvoulou, CEO of European-based start-up called]

[h/t Bob Sutton]

When I asked the question on Conversation Agent Facebook page, thoughtful responses included:

Purpose. Authenticity. Integrity. Do I have something of value to contribute? [Tami Belt]

Sincerity, clarity, authenticity and track record of delivering. I don't need talkers. I need doers who are good people. [Matt Dickman]

Resonance and respect. At one time not so long ago, resonance with someone — great conversation, easy flow of ideas, boundless mutual creativity — was most important to me. Then I got thrown under the bus a couple of times and quickly learned that ideas mean little without respect for the person bringing them to the table. So now I seek others with whom to trade both equally. [Christa Miller]

Continuing the conversation, I've been thinking about the dilemma Christa Miller posed as it's been mine, too at times.

The term confidence comes to mind — the ability to rely on someone.

Making room for someone else is complicated by the stuff already in the container. I like what my good friend Matt Dickman says here expressed as "good people".

That to me means integrity, stand up for creative ideas, work the problem starting with appropriate questions, being engaged with the team, alive with the possibility of contribution.

The key is to have alignment in that those people are also looking at me in the same way. That's how we connect in the like minded manner that means we don't necessarily agree on everything, we have a healthy dialogue and basis for a relationship.

I am looking for this kind of team for the next leg of my career.

In many work environments I reported directly to the company President or CEO. Working with someone who is curious, looks to make informed decisions, and is open to feedback is a recipe for productive growth — both for the business and for the team.

What about you? How do you select your team?


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