What is it Like?

Today I got to spend some time with several published and about to be published fiction writers in the city. Among the pieces of advice they shared with us, things like having a process, doing the work consistently, and waiting for revisions after writing the first draft, one thing stood out.

How the whole point of writing — anything — is to produce something you'd enjoy reading. That's the first promise. When that's the kind of commitment you keep, then spending time with the characters, the plot, or the subject matter of your book for non fiction writers like me is worth it.

Want to know a secret? It's a simple thing. I discovered it many years ago.

Have you ever thought about why there are some people you enjoy being with? They give you a way to organize your experience. The person making some remarks on stage, the person sitting next to you at a lecture, or the one sitting across from you during a business deal. 

Your mind opens wide. They give you a way to organize your experience, and everything else flows from that.

It applies to characters and stories as much as it applies to people in business. What is it like to look at things in a certain way?


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