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A couple of weeks ago I published a post that is still the most popular for the month of February. It was about 50 blogs for your #mustread list. The feeback I received in social networks has been tremendously positive – many of you discovered new, helpful, and diverse content.

The list under the umbrella topics I outlined continues to grow.

The creative side of business, business strategy, and the technology of business are emergent areas of focus where technology and humanism meet.

As I said during my five minutes at Ignite Austin last March, uploading humanism is the conversation we're having now. We are interconnected and need to engage the human OS to foster reciprocity and networks collaboration.

Humans have replicated themselves in technology. OS-thinking means it doesn't work trying to operate at app-level. Yet so much of the current culture is wrapped around the apps.

What are the implications

Technology and humanism meet to help us realize our potential in organizations.

Opportunity is embedded in the connections we can make in our environment.

The stream is the place where serendipity meets our planned social graph and new choices emerge.

I see the role of strategy as the motivating element for what's next in execution and innovation.


This is why read creative, business, and technology blogs.


More posts from SxSW 2011, Connecting the Stream with Action through understanding:

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We're still working on much of this.


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