How to Start a Company by Replacing Your Own Job



[Robert J. Moore, CEO, RJMetrics. YouTube, 2:53']

This is the first of a series of conversations with Moore about business intelligence and data analysis. In this short post, I wanted to introduce you briefly and share the video of his TEDTalk, which I'm sure will inspire you to learn more about his work.

Moore got his start at a VC firm in NYC and got to analyze lots of data from successful technology companies. He got to see how the data was stored, and how they were processing information. And he got to solve problems by identifying where there were opportunities to do more.

The objective of starting RJMetrics was to replace his own job.

All that manual data analysis is how he came up with the idea of providing a product that could provide transactional businesses — eCommerce, software as a service (SaaS) companies, gaming software companies, and social media — in a very scalable way, the ability to do deep dive analysis of their own customer data.

Who are you selling to? Do you know who the most valuable people are among customers and how do you go about adding more people like that?

In coming weeks, I will publish more video segments of our conversation about using data to understand how people use your ecommerce site, how to segment customers, and how to figure out intent to buy from their digital body language.

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