Learning by Doing and Thinking Together

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I have a confession to make — some of my best learning, all the way to primary school, was situational, and the result of a group experience.

The idea of individualized learning styles originated in the 1970s. The idea was that there are three main learning styles — auditory, visual, kinesthetic or by moving around.

Learning models developed thereafter, address both the human need for concrete experience as well as that of abstract conceptualization. Kolb's experiential learning theory also includes two related approaches — Reflective Observation and Active Experimentation.

Boiled down at the individual level, when it comes to learning, we all lean on our strengths to acquire and use knowledge. In this context, metrics are a useful tool to identify the parts of the process that work.

The pace of change is so great that we cannot afford learning in one dimension anymore.

Creative collaboration is the name of the game

Being a game changer starts with a theory to prove/disprove. Hence why on Facebook, we think about [WHAT IF]. Over time, we explore patterns, which allow us to notice things for the purpose of vetting the logic we use to make one set of choices over another in how we use resources.

Stories are one of the key building blocks of culture. We use them to understand the world, our world, and package new assumptions in a digestible format.

It is when we get involved with information by interpreting it and challenging those assumptions that our investment in a learning experience pays its largest dividends.

By the way, this is the underlying model I ascribe to influence — see, understand, and know as applied to listening as a tool.

Workshop as opportunity

The primary goal for our workshop is to frame for action the issues we encounter with the integration of social media and technologies and business.

We're going to do that by walking through three case studies, which will be a composite of the information you volunteer when you enroll. We will then think and work together to make those organizations successful.

You will meet and learn from successful CEOs who have started and are growing their business by being creative, adaptive, and focused in their techniques, staffing, and philosophy. We got SEO and business intelligence metrics covered.

Think it cannot be done in a large corporation? We've got that covered as well and in a critical area for both growth and reputation — customer support.

Plus, you take home a content strategy guide filled with creative ideas, examples, and checklists to get you started and sustain your investment over time.

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