When you're talking about making connections online, it's not about Twitter (t), Google+ (G), or Facebook (f), it's about information/intent (i) — the things you say, and those you intend to do.

Small "i", not capital "I".

The tools are there to help you do the most possible — you get out of them what you put into them. They're very useful when powered by resources and thoughtful effort.

The Web is a powerful tool that goes beyond social media. As Macrowikinomics author Don Tapscott explains (hat tip Gunther Sonnefeld), younger generations are using the Web to change the model — the Internet is a new mode of production that's emerging.

Are you the user, the actor, the initiator, the collaborator, the rememberer, the organizer?

Tapscott says what's going on now is not a recession, it's a punctuation — we're going from something old to something new. I particularly like what he says about embracing these changes to create organizations that are more appropriate for the 21st Century.

The fuel for that movement is more appropriate actions by individuals.


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