The Way You Look at Things Changes the Things You Look at


Dan Frommer at SplatF links to Apple's Tim Cook interview at the Goldman Sacks tech conference (the full interview is here). Frommer observes it's worth listening to because of how he says what he says.

Cook delivers the message from where he sits, sense of humor included. His point of view, as I shared in a recent conversation about alignment between brand vision and product delivery, is truly operational.

Look at things from the operational standpoint and you're doing marketing that makes business sense.

His example of the iPad matched the uses we discussed at the recent social IRL event in Kansas City. I asked for a raise of hands from those who own one and (almost) 70 of them went up. In addition to a laptop, and a smartphone.

Do we need a third device?

People want a great product and a great experience.

Part of that experience is the way you look at things, your vision and point of view. It comes across in the functionality of your product — and in how you service it.

How you work, your contributions, the connections you make all depend on what you see. We see the world as we are.

I like what he says about focus and one P&L that allow Apple to give customers a great experience and to make a significant contribution to society though its products.

To keep the best promises you can keep.

The way you look at things changes the things you look at.

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