Announcing the First Ever Conversation Agent Workshop

CA Workshop

Whenever I speak at a conference or summit, often people often ask me lots of excellent questions afterward.

It's a similar dynamic to the conversation we have in the comments — the comments themselves are a gem and help others see like challenges, which we can all apply our collective smarts to.

In the last six months, I broke beyond the content I would normally use for a talk and developed a thinking framework for a more interactive experience.

This is something I'm more comfortable with from the many years I worked on creating exchanges for and with customers (3 User Groups), clients (2 International Rendezvous), and business development teams, and designing business community conversations (more than 100).

The very energizing live discussion at the two recent workshops with Social IRL have given me even more insights into the specific examples, format, and thinking constructs that are valuable and useful for diverse and experienced marketing, communication, and business professionals to help them break through in their work.

It's my belief that success is part inspiration, and (mostly) perspiration. Using and building strength, resilience and endurance is the best way for individuals and businesses to thrive and not just survive.

Announcing the first ever Conversation Agent Workshop

As a business pro, you understand the value of building an audience, getting customers, and creating advocates. How do you harness the opportunities brought about by social technologies and empowered customers while minimizing the risks?

The program, which will be held in Philadelphia on April 19, is designed to take you through how to think about what you do and help you:

  • Acquire a new lens for better decision-making when it comes to making social operational
  • Focus on producing clear copy and a valuable online experience to drive the appropriate traffic and conversion on your website
  • Gain insights into the organizational value of using social technologies for customer service
  • Learn about how raw data can be transformed into actionable business intelligence for customer acquisition
  • Become proficient in what to look for when evaluating the ever increasing roster of service/technology providers choices

And much more. Joining me for a very interactive experience are:

The venue must be the coolest space for a completely wired office I have ever seen. The entire experience is being designed for optimal learning through practical applications.

A true labor of love.


The examples and conversation will be tailored to your needs. I inserted three optional questions in the enrollment form to help you direct your learning experience.

Choosing what not to do is just as important (sometimes more) than knowing what to do.

Seating is limited. Sign up today to reserve yours.


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