Being in Control of the Interaction

FIAT Abarth

I don't know about you. I wasn't terribly impressed by the Super Bowl ads this year.

With the exception of the seducing commercial of the FIAT Abarth, where they are clearly in control of the interaction, most ads seemed to have sacrificed newer creative executions for safer ones.

At the per second dollar spend, it was an understandable move. Disappointing because of the high expectations created through social media ahead of the big day.

I got many ad preview offeres from the PR Agencies working with brands this year.

A few days ahead of the game I saw that FIAT was making the rounds on Google+ and circled both FIAT corporate and FIAT U.S.A. accounts. Someone with some ingenuity would have found this older post about the 500.

The 500 was my mother's first car. How could I ever forget that. We had this white gate that separated our courtyard from the street. One day, after shopping, we got on the small incline onramp to get back in and instead of hitting the break, she accelerated. It didn't go so well for the front of the car.

Sometimes that's what happens when you're in total control of the interaction.


Rohit Bhargava has done an in depth review of the marketing strategy behind the ads.

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