… then I Discovered I am Actually Funny

I am actually funny

So, I've been thinking. What I'm doing here with this blog is not working. It's not you, it's me. Somehow I manage to scare you off to some site with LOL cats whenever you open your feed. I'm not inspiring you. Or maybe I am, and you're not telling me.

I've tried a couple of things to justify keeping up with producing researched and useful content. That only makes the scraping and copying and rewriting gremlins happy and me poor. They don't link anymore in the sphere, those bastards.

This is a departure from my usual writing style, I know.

I've been slaving on figuring out an angle for the book I seem to be researching for- well, ever, and and angle for what's next for me. In the last couple of months I did a lot of doing and experimenting.

Because I have BHAGs (= Big Audacious Hairy Goals, you were thinking baggage, weren't you?) I'm learning to fail faster and in new ways. Awesome news, getting there.

Throwing my hat in the air

I have this friend who upped and left for a stint in Pakistan and she's sending a bunch of us updates of her adventures. Her writing pops because it's full of her personality. I literally look forward to those emails.

We're all encouraging her to keep the emails, and write the book. They're filled with humanity at its best and worst times, which means we all relate.

Then, I was catching up with the always surprising weekend links from Lisa Barone and found a couple in there so worth following. Go ahead and check Lost In translation, the Bloggess has a book coming out, Let's Pretend this Never Happened

… and it hit me — I need to throw my hat in the air. I can do funny better than preachy, and it's a lot more entertaining to learn with a smile.

So watch out, we'll be strapping in for some interesting announcements here in the next couple of weeks. There are all kinds of things happening to my words — they're lining up to take us places.

We're still going to learn about social technologies, brand content strategy, customer conversations, and brand influence. We're just going to get there with a different execution. Stay tuned.


Oh, yeah, about that partial feed. I had to clamp things down because it had been grabbed by a very inappropriate circle of blogs. Why do girls have to put up with that stuff? All fixed now. (PS: I'm watching you gremlins)

(PPS: the meaty content is going to be in the Premium Newsletter that starting this week goes to $8.99 per month, so grab your subscription today, or pay more later, which I prefer).

Which brings me to the numerous offers to write or stream or give, give, give to other networks I receive.

You guys are too kind. Show me the money and we talk. As per the paragraph right above, we don't do stuff for exposure here. We're business people, so that wouldn't be appropriate, would it?



Oh, and you have this awesome chance to meet in IRL next week at a fraction of the price you'll pay to meet me after that. Grab your seat today.


Note: I blame my family for encouraging my funny side by dutifully banging fists on the floor and getting six-pack abs from laughing at my reports (I've done voices, too, but we won't go there… yet).