It’s All Invented


We're approaching Super Bowl Sunday. I can tell from the pitches that are literally pouring in — looking to capitalize on the buzz the ad will create through media.

How fascinating.

Especially since, although technically I do publish, I don't see myself as "media". Will you give those press releases a rest?

Here's my (free) advice to you pitching, yes, you — think why this community exists, then explore how the brand would engage it on that basis. Should you be pitching me at all?

Building Meaningful Actions

Right now I work with businesses that want to up their game in the way they connect with customers and offer problem solving workshops to help bridge disconnects by being human in conversation and in the moment to get the most out of opportunities with social and other new technologies. Do sessions for corporations. (more on the products soon)

The irony has not escaped me, of course.

Some of the very organizations (I'm looking at you agencies) that are badly in need of communication guidance are developing those approaches. No doubt, based upon "best practices", things that have worked in the past.

And because you can cast a pretty wide net with blogs and sites today, the box is checked. Except for it isn't. Not by a long stretch.

What do you do when people approach you? And you call yourself a relationship marketing agency?

It's all invented

Visualize this: It's amateur hour (it has to be or it's a non-starter because everyone would already know what I'm about to say if it weren't. And that's not fun).

Okay, it's amateur hour, the music stops, and there are no empty chairs left. What do you do? Do you?

A. look around and try a couple of tricks until someone gives up their chair

B. ask for one more go-round and a re-count

C. take a moment to ______

Why not take a moment and fill in the blanks? We'll have a good time with this. Promise.

Hint: It's all invented.


I was thinking about whole-brained connections earlier and remembered this post about writing killer copy by going beyond words. Which is how I thought of searching for left- and right-brained and found the magnificent image above. There are two more at the Creative Collection site linked below.

Save the pitch, do send the Mercedes.


[image via Andrew Keir]

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