The Retweet Button Doesn’t Work

Retweet_blog_postsI was sharing a post by Robert Scoble about PandoDaily, the new publication by Sarah Lacy covering startups on Google+ from Google Reader and the applet picked up the tweet button from Scobleizer as image on G+.

The first comment I got was "The retweet button doesn't work ;)". He was only half joking. It's a reflex we have sooner of later when spending time in social networks.

Why? Because people are conditioned to look for sharing icons so they can spread stuff to their networks and discuss it with friends. It's automatic.

What's the first thing you do now when something really funny or crazy happens to you? You take your smartphone out to take the picture and post it. So when you talk to your friends about it, you have something to point them to.

If you want to track influence, do at least two of these three things:

  • create great content and/or great context worth talking about
  • deliver exceptional and/or surprising (in a good way) experiences
  • give people the ability to spread it

Test the retweet button and make sure it works.

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