Is “Write a Book” on Your Bucket List?

Publishing-125-2Studies show that 80% of people have "Write a Book" on their life list or longtime goals.

Yet very few actually do.

Why do so few follow through and get published?

The first disconnect happens with an incredibly complex publishing world. There is so much to learn to navigate different contracts for a deal.

The second challenge for many new authors is understanding whether they should connect with a literary agent to overcome the first hurdle.

Working with a good agent is akin to finding a map to get from idea to final product as efficiently and effectively as possible and in one piece.

If you have a good fit with an agent, you know their experience and relationships are worth gold.

Where do you start?

Maybe you have many friends who are authors and they can provide advice from their perspective. However, the heavy lifting is still up to you.

The reality is that even if you're a self starter with a go-get-it attitude and do roll up your sleeves, there are only so many hours in a day.

Any spare precious moment should go to your art — writing the book.

How does your book go from concept to published?

Where can you turn for help to make better decisions?


As you know, my focus is making better promises. I pass on information and links of the highest quality, including select product launches and offers.

Chris Guillebeau delivers.

His Book, The Art of Non Conformity, shot to number 8 on Amazon on its first week out and sold out shortly thereafter. His second book will be released in May.

Is "Write a Book" on your bucket list? Want to learn about publishing?

Get on the fast-track with this guide.

The Unconventional Guide to Publishing

Thanks to the long term partnership I have with Chris Guillebeau, I am pleased to offer you access to the experience of his literary agent, David Fugate, a 20-year veteran who has sold thousands of titles successfully to all sizes of publishers.

Fugate has created a comprehensive solution to understanding the publishing industry in 2012 and beyond.

This new guide is massive – 45,000 words and lots of supplemental interviews, recordings, and transcripts.

You will find three package options (“Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Austen”), including:

  • sample query letters and a sample agent and author contract
  • how to find an agent (and why you need one)
  • how to craft a strong proposal that will get editors excited
  • questions to ask when considering an offer
  • the three clauses in every book contract you should pay close attention to (Warning: if you miss these, you'll regret it later)
  • everything about money — advances, royalties, foreign rights, auctions, and more
  • and Q&A with various editors

That will help you sort out the process. But more important, it will offer help and a clear plan for aspiring authors.

Now, for a limited time only, you can get the whole enchilada at a 25% discount, plus more special rewards.

Special offer for 3 days only

For the first three days, there are three special rewards for early purchasers:

  1. 25% Discount on the $129 tier (discount price: $97).
  2. Extended Q&A conference call with David Fugate, veteran literary agent and author of the guide
  3. Personal review of the buyer’s community-building plan with Chris Guillebeau

The special launch offer is available until midnight PST on Friday, January 13th. After that, they’ll raise the price.

Use this link to get your discount.


UPDATE: excellent article about the challenges of knowing what you don't know before publishing by Trey Ratcliff and another resource about the rise of eBooks.


Psst, so is writing a book on your bucket list?

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