Best of Cinematography 2011


A couple of nights ago I watched The Natural (1984) again. I didn't watch it because it's been called one of the best baseball movies ever made. I watched it because I really liked the story.

There is one line in the movie that stayed with me when I first watched it. It's delivered by Glenn Close/Iris to Robert Redford/Roy in the hospital toward the end of the movie.

She tells him her theory that people have two lives: the life they learn with and the life they live after that.

Redford/Hobbs delivers another line in that exchange, he hopes that one day people will say " There goes Roy Hobbs, the best there ever was" (inspired by Ted Williams).

Movies bring together many visual elements with sound and motion to document the stories of our time.

Here are two best of 2011 compilation executions by Genrocks and Matt Shapiro.


Filmography 2011


Filmography 2011 by Genrocks


2011: The Cinescape


2011: The Cinescape by Matt Shapiro


What would the best of 2011 compilation from your own stories look like?


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