Have a Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree

I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago with a few minutes to explore and thought of looking in the Public Library. I usually walk briskly by it on may way to or from a meeting.

It was warm, quiet, and tastefully decorated, as you can see in this photo I snapped with my iPhone. I welcomed the atmosphere in the midst of a fifth avenue busy with shoppers and more colorful decorations.

It invited quiet reflection. I also noticed something else there — without the use of smartphones inside, people were making eye contact.

Technology is great. It allows me to be in touch with my family even when I'm not physically with them. Nothing can ever beat the human touch.

Have a Merry Christmas.


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  1. Great shot. Beautiful image. It captures the atmosphere ans highlights the marble (alabaster) floors and columns.
    Pity the library here were not able to stop the use of phones within libraries. Seasons Greetings…

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