Revealing the Spark Behind a Product for Social Engagement Productivity, Content Insights, and Relationships Visibility


This is my new inbox.

It's where I can see all my interactions across social networks: Twitter, Google+, Disqus, and more. In there I have visibility into my relationships, the ability to gain content insights, and be productive when engaging online.

How do you develop a social product that helps people do all that?

The answer is: you give people a way to see and manage their interactions and relationships across the Web.

Be social to do social

William Mougayar is CEO, Eqentia, the enterprise-grade Web publishing tool.

He is also one of the most socially engaged CEOs I have met in 2011. One of the reasons why Eqentia is one of my top content discovery tools, is the product's applicability to my work.

Having an immediate, direct impact is the name of the technology product development game.

Mougayar is very active in social media. It's how he develops relationships, understands how people use tools, and gains content insights with an eye to figuring out ways to increase the usefulness and value of his company products.

Being on point and on purpose


Which is why I was delighted to receive an invitation to kick the tires on his new product,

The background/inspiration behind (now in alpha) came out of the AVC community where Mougayar is a heavy participant. I confess I'm a very long time lurker there.

If you follow Fred Wilson, you will know that he uses Disqus commenting system and has assigned moderator status to two members of his large community. Mougayar is one of them, along with Shana Carp.

Uncovering the need

From the involvement, Mougayar realized that he was forming relationships out of the conversations and commenting with the other engaged users.

He saw a product opportunity in that there was no systematic way to capture the process of turning conversations into relationships, or even to gain visibility into these potential relationships. was born to address that vacuum:

"Engagio tracks your online conversations and lets you develop meaningful relationships from them."

Just connect your social networks and commenting systems and the magic happens implicitly. No-friction required.

He went back and forth about the idea with Wilson himself. As you can see from the comments to that post, has open API and provides

instant utility, clean design, unique value prop

Intra-comment multi-platform sharing a nice touch

And instant adoption from 100 people engaged in the very community that inspired the product.


Engagio saves you time by tracking and replying to your comments from your Facebook wall, Twitter conversations, Google+ posts, LinkedIn comments or shared links, Disqus-enabled sites, Hacker News comments and Foursquare check-ins — all from a single Inbox.

Along with this feature, come many more benefits:

  • You can see the last replies just by hovering over your Inbox
  • It tracks automatically who you're interacting with, and the strength of your interactions with them
  • It allows you to see the sites where you comment most often at a glance (your Top Sites), and the Top Sites of the Top people with whom you interact 
  • It collects shared links from your conversation threads, including the comment they appeared in
  • It enables you to search your comments and reveal users linked to search results
  • It gives you the option to reveal your email to users when you decide they're allowed to contact you (peer-to-peer permission)
  • You can see the history of your interactions with any one of your contacts (1:1 interactions)
  • You can share any comment on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr (as a quote or post)
  • You can tag the people with whom you want to nurture relationships
  • And you can invite new users to join your Engagio network

Mougayar explained each alpha user has between 70-80 contacts initially for a total of 550 users so far.


Here are seven reasons to use daily:

  1. Manage your Comments and Conversations replies like Email
  2. See the Relationships behind the Conversations
  3. Review 1:1 past Interactions with your Top Contacts
  4. Search your Comments
  5. Snoop on your Contacts Top Sites
  6. See which Contacts are open to being contacted by you
  7. Review the Links that were shared during your conversations

Finally a tool to gain visibility in the interactions and relationships that happen online. You can grow your community organically, because it gives you the ability to see, manage, and interact with people across social networks.


I can see how busy executives, community managers, lead nurturing types, business owners, and the rest of us participating in many social networks and wearing many hats at once (I'm looking at you, solopreneurs) would benefit from using it.


Here's the deal: has provided 25 invite codes to the readers of this blog on a first come, first served basis. Please use invite code 'conversationagent' (lower caps) when signing-up here.

UPDATE: great news. gave me 5 more invite codes. There are only 3 left from the original number. So that makes 8 more. Grab them now (only if you plan to use them, though).