45 Resources to Help You Command Attention and Fight for Your Ideas

Conversation Agent 2011 Yearbook Quotes from Valeria Maltoni

2011 is drawing to a close and the holidays present a perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy time with family and friends, and take stock of how far you've come this year.

If you're like me, you're also taking time to evaluate what you did well and what you could improve so you can carry lessons learned into starting 2012 strong.

The best laid plans

As you know, to me strategy is motivation to engage a plan of action to achieve goals. Sometimes though, even the best laid plans don't work.

Trading tactics will only take you so far. They won't allow you to compete better. The advantage comes when you approach business differently.

Focus on the wrong things and you bob in the ebb and flow of sentimental stuff that doesn't measure the health of your trade, nor help you take control of your promises.

You know it when you work with a company that doesn't understand the power of making good deals. They make no promises, and when they do, they cannot keep them (more on this tomorrow).

My best laid plans to offer the download of Conversation Agent 2011 Yearbook have been delayed because I relied upon a provider that is not delivering on its promises.

It doesn't matter I was up most of the night troubleshooting the issue and trying to get support. Excuses and explanations have become a sad byproduct of a ponzieconomy.

My site is down and I don't have an ETA on when it will be back up. I'm making alternative plans to deliver on my promise to you in time for Christmas.

Command attention and fight for your ideas

The point of my earlier post today is that unless you take control of your promises, you agree to play someone else's game.

Maybe it's another service you depend upon, a partner, etc.

And you may get very little value in return for doing business with them. Was it a good trade? Buy something, integrate it into you business model and then rely on a third party to maintain feature sets.

What if they don't?

In my case, I need a better buy strategy. Because I understand the value of taking control of your promises. It commands attention and earns you trust.

Like me, you depend on other people and businesses to keep your promises.

It doesn't matter if the system is free, you're still buying it when you join and use it.

This is why you need better thinking tools to fight for your ideas. So you can close the gap between the promises you make, and those you keep.


I compiled a collection of a cross section of posts written during 2011. 45 handy resources, including how to create demand, connecting with customers, becoming a relevant filter, the future of media, platforms, technology, and people, as well as the best "top ten" compilations, and much more.

Take a tour of the presentation for a preview of the full content. You can use this deck right away to get started. My gift to help you command attention and fight for your ideas.

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  1. Valeria, this is excellent, thanks! The photos are amazing and visually make the point (something I think so many people miss the opportunity to do).
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. thank you, Beth. The deck alone took about 15 hours to research and pull together. Which is probably why more people don’t do it. It’s an investment in the community to say “thank you”.

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