Unconventional Guides: Your Chance to Save

UnconventionalGuidesStarting a business is the second to hardest thing you can do.

Sticking with it and growing it is hands-down the hardest thing you can do.


Because the initial promise and trade are just one transaction. Delivering on your promises over time so you can make better ones is what separates businesses that grow stronger, more resilient, and enduring from the rest.

For entrepreneurs who devote considerable thought and energy to starting and growing a business, getting the marketing funnel right is vital.

Maybe you don't want to build a big business. Maybe all you want to do is get more freelancing gigs, or just work for yourself. This becomes increasingly challenging when you want to marry art + money.

Say you'd like to take a break and travel somewhere on a budget. There's a guide for that, too. It's called the frequent flyer master and will help you use Frequent Flyer Miles to go anywhere in the world. It includes the famous "1 Free Plane Ticket" guarantee.

Or maybe you want to learn how to become a travel ninja, or want to join the travel hacking cartel.


It's hard to find content that is helpful in a very actionable and measurable way online today.

I made a promise to myself and to my community that I would pass on only information and links of the highest quality — and honesty.

Unconventional Guides

So when Chris Guillebeau offered me the opportunity to participate in the Unconventional Guides' affiliate program I accepted. Which is the reason you see the Unconventional Guides badge on the sidebar.

It's not something I ordinarily push as you're all savvy when it comes to knowing what you want. The guides are already packed with value. See for example a detailed post about The Empire Building Kit.

I'm writing this post because Chris is having his once a year sale — a 15 percent discount on all guides.

The discount code for the time-limited sale is CRANBERRY.

This discount code can be applied in the shopping cart upon checkout, and is valid for every product in the shop including the higher-priced combo packs.

The sale ends Monday night, and they only do this once a year.

If investing in yourself with a step-by-step program that is actionable immediately is part of your buy strategy, head on over to the Unconventional Guides (Affiliate link) and find the practical resource for world domination of your choice.


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