Brand Storytelling and Social Technology


For those who have access to technology tools and training, there are many more ways to make a positive impact at scale in the world.

As Simon Mainwaring said in his recent keynote at the WOMMA Summit, today’s marketplace is ruthless –- the economy is tough and social technology is changing faster than ever –- but it’s also an unprecedented opportunity to massively scale your brand, profit, and positive impact.

Social purpose, to work, needs to be genuine. Here's an example from Unilever.

Part of this commitment by Mainwaring to purpose lead to We First the book and the consulting practice. Now he's created a We First Social Branding seminar to help organizations master the two critical keys to your success: brand storytelling and social technology.

The seminar promise

The We First Social Branding seminar promise is that after the two days you will have a good idea of the steps to take and get you on your way. You will learn about and take home:

  • Latest research and data on today’s customer, their off/online behavior, and how to engage them
  • A clearly defined brand story, message and purpose to ensure every marketing dollar you spend has maximum impact
  • The Top 8 Social Media Strategies to architect a sustainable customer community
  • The Top 5 Engagement Tactics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube
  • The Top 10 Creative Campaigns to integrate your community across social media platforms
  • The Top Tools, Techniques and Formulas to measure Return on Investment based on Fortune 500 brand case studies
  • The Top 5 Organizational Structures/Roles to integrate social media marketing within your company
  • The Top 10 Social Business Technologies that will redefine your industry, business and marketing
  • A Customizable Pitch Deck that sells your social media plan to leadership, employees or investors

Further, you'll walk away with a social branding blueprint specific to your business that you can act on immediately that includes:

  • Lessons learned from almost over 20 years of working at the world’s top creative ad agencies on Fortune 500 brands.
  • Research into the latest in mobile, gaming and social technology that went into my New York Times bestseller and Amazon Top Ten Business Book for 2011.
  • Insights into the future of branding and social technology based on my contributions to Mashable, Huffington Post, Fast Company, GOOD magazine & Forbes.

These are all strong reasons to attend.

Give a free ticket to a non-profit

I'm writing about this because I started my career in non-profit and understand the reality of working with small or non existing budgets and get the word out on a cause.

Mainwaring is committing to walking his talk by helping non-profits with a special offer. Every organizations that signs up gets to give a free ticket to a favorite non-profit (travel and accommodation excluded).

The seminar is on February 1-2, 2012 ar Marina del Rey in California — $1,997 only through the month of November (save 20%) and comes with satisfaction guarantee.

Seating is limited, so register at www.WeFirstSeminar now.


[with Simon Mainwaring and Morgan Wells at WOMMA Summit]

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