The Recommendation Economy


We've been saying this for a couple of years now.

Many sites are integrating Facebook Connect, and are probably watching for signs of Google+ take hold and shape to see where the opportunity is there.

Everyone focuses on better ratings. Ratings don't get people to hit the buy button, though — recommendations do. They also get you hired, which is why you want to understand recommendations.

People who spend more time in social media recommend more often, more items, and are more likely to buy. The recommendation we listen to, though, are still those coming from family and friends.

Because those are the people they trust. Which is why both Facebook, after its explosive growth, and Google+, right at the start, are looking to help people segment their own lists.

As no doubt we will discuss at the WOMMA Summit this week, people do most of the best recommending in person. Why? Because we still connect in real life, that's why. Giving and getting the inside scoop is much more fun — and human — when the context is that of a conversation.


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