When You’re Ready


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you have too many tasks to get done in a day? Is the feeling that you're just digging holes in the sand your choke point?

I know how you feel — I truly do. And I have suggestions on how to kick it up a notch.

This blog started as a gift for everyone, which made it very broad, because I have a really wide range of interests and am cursed with competence in so many areas/industries. Many of those areas I don't enjoy much.

Because it turns out that I'm much better when I focus on mastering those skills where I really kick a$$.

So I'm putting my flag in the ground for building strong, resilient, and enduring businesses. Technology is part of that — as it's part of our lives. 

If you consider yourself a member of this tribe, we're going to take things to the next level. I started a Google+ circle for business/strategy people interested in technology to talk about connecting the two — building platforms, finding problems/white space where to trade, discussing trends, etc.

There are quite a few takers already, some from Google itself. I know it will feed the thinking and doing needs of many of the current members. When you mean business, people respond. And I mean business.

I plan to integrate more tightly what we learn through social outposts and networks. However, this will remain my home base.

Deeper insights, research reports, and further analysis will go to the Premium Newsletter subscribers. Anyone who wants to sponsor the ideas and connections made here can find sponsor information here.

When you're ready

Meet Brian Driggs, who is already a member of this tribe. You can find him in most posts, discussing, providing examples, thinking out loud with me in the comments box. Brian is not all talk, though. He is also a maker, and community builder.

Say when by going from invisible to visible. You will open a door to more connections, ideas, exchanges, and conversation — the thinking together part.


I do some of my best thinking while writing and in conversation. Where do you do your best thinking? What's the difference for you between good work and great work? You know, work where you truly kick it up a notch.


[Great Work Works – Created by Ilovedust]

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  1. Oy! I get to the part about the new G+ circle and step over to the tab to leave a comment and humbly request inclusion. Jump back, and two paragraphs down you’re using me as an example? Wow.
    This is just one of the reasons why I consider you a mentor, Valeria. Thank you. Looking forward to this new circle.

  2. Funny thing when I was reading the first part, I can’t stop myself. lol I totally can relate to what you’ve said and always appreciate to hear other peoples view on how they cope up.

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