If you Can Dream it…


You can do it.

I've bee thinking about the larger or meta conversation around what is happening in the world. I came up with one overarching concept that can be summed up as contribution.

It's a human desire to count and thus being truly counted on, not just being a number. And it's finding expression in a myriad different ways. I'm an optimist, I think both at group action level, and individually, this is about finding a voice and building what's next.

Thanks to a broader adoption of technology, contribution trends in the last couple of years have included:

  • crowdsourcing 
  • co-creation
  • collaboration 
  • co-working

On a more personal level:

  • creation
  • courage
  • connection
  • consideration

They all seem to come in as C words, don't they? Step back and you see something else. They all talk about human aspiration, significance, and legacy. These tensions need a constructive outlet. If you can dream it, YOU can do it.

What I'm going to touch upon in the newsletter this week is market maturity as evidenced by some of the tools and technologies people and businesses are adopting, and where you can find entry points in this ecosystem.

As always, I welcome your comments and feedback.

The canvass is yours.


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  1. It’s an interesting point you made about the human desire to be truly counted on. This really ties into marketing and finding somewhere that the brand or company will be appreciated. As the business world grows and evolves so does the technologies they use. Companies need to pick and chose which new trends they are going to participate in, and which ones would be a misuse of time, money, and resources.

  2. Building on your thoughts, MK300, it might be beneficial for marketing to find places where the brand/company would be appreciated, but I think more powerful still is finding (and recognizing) those places where the brand/company is already appreciated.
    The only thing worth making is a difference, and organizations can learn a great deal from spending time listening to (and supporting) their brand evangelists. Even the most watered-down, run-of-the-mill widget makes an impact in some peoples’ lives. To find those people and make them feel significant is a way to build and grow those relationships.

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