Waiting to Be Discovered



Don't wait to be discovered. Express yourself, be curious, make things. Do the work. A good friend of mine once told me that birthing a new idea takes sweat, tears, and courage. I believed him, because that has been my experience.

It was exciting for me to discover these words of wisdom. I've always been fascinated by the idea of passing the torch of life from one generation to the next. Making that connection between the stories of those who have explored a path before me, and those who are looking to carve new ones now.

The part that resonated the most for me is the fact that change has to be in the heart, which in itself is a profound thought. Personally, I found that change comes from actually doing the work, examining your thinking in action. The literal meaning of inspiration is "the act of breathing in" (Lat.).

So being inspired happens when you're fully immersed in a project. The hard part is starting and trusting the process of making, that at some point you will be able to feel the form taking shape. And that will keep you involved.

I view strategy as motivation to stick with the doing part.

My work with organizations and individual entrepreneurs centers around helping people focus their promise and deliver a more sustained effort, connecting the dots by doing the right things now and being able to look back and see, as well as look forward with greater strength.

One drop of wisdom I can share so far is that the best way to prepare for when opportunity knocks is by becoming a better listener, learning to trust yourself, and to accept that luck is a combination of what is and what you make of it.

Resilience and endurance develop from not letting the concerns around you become an excuse or a distraction for blending in the background or never seeing the birth of your vision and work.


You need both, the motivation to start and stay with it, and the desire to make something. The one thing you cannot worry about is waiting to be discovered. Keep at it, and you will reach that point when you tip, when things line up, and you reach people.

A lot of jumps are made before the leap and flight.


[hat tip Maria Popova]

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  1. Wonderful. 🙂
    Strategy is a sense of direction.
    Tactics is making sure each step moves you in that direction.
    Discovery is what you learn along the way.
    Thank you for sharing this one, Valeria.

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