Smile, You’re on Candid Camera


What happens when you automate everything?

You better pray things don't change. And you also better hope there are no humans involved.

I wasn't going to write about it. Give everyone involved — or failure to get involved — the benefit of the doubt.

Then I received a call from an automated 800-number at 8:47pm EST last night. Apparently, Urban Express, the company to whom IKEA outsources delivery services, is really good with automation.

They automate their phone number so you never get a live person when the delivery that was supposed to arrive between 1-5pm is nowhere to be found and you try calling them.

And they automate customer surveys after the fact, past bedtime on a Sunday night.

I suppose, somewhere along the line, they forgot to talk to the dispatcher who called at 6:45pm, way past the delivery time, and lied about having called earlier.

An order not delivered is not complete.

Which means all logistics are left to be sorted out by the customer: me. Wish me luck. I was sent to two places at the IKEA store this morning, and told there was nothing anyone could do because the items were "in transit". 

Now I have no idea where the items are and am way past wanting them. Is there anyone who cares long enough to address the issue at IKEA? Their growth may be everything but flat. It seems to me they could use someone rounded (and willing) in customer support.

It would have been fairly simple to make a small little effort to communicate with the third party delivery company in the morning. It would have saved everyone the extra next steps. Time and energy cost money.

Businesses continue to make the same mistake — not making all customers special by addressing issues on the onset. Which is why customer service in social is not fair.

This post will be recorded for quality assurance purposes.

Smile, you're on candid camera.

UPDATE: Progress was made this morning and the issue was addressed by IKEA at the store. However, it is my understanding that Urban Express is still missing in action with the packages.


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