Before the Hype

Question Mark

Are you playing the "what if" game with your business?

It's not uncommon to want to build hypotheticals, especially on the promotional end of things. Read TechCrunch and Mashable coverage of so many other companies, and you hope that your product will receive its fair share of "buzz."

It happens most frequently after you got some coverage of your own — you're on top of the world.

Certainty however is about asking the right questions, or better ones. It's about relevance and the query set. It's in the discipline, structure, and drill of identifying the business model you trade on, and the consistency of helping make those connections work.

Your odds of long term success increase when you work on the pre-quel, on what you need to do or to make happen before the hype. Where you focus on building a great product and on building a great relationship with loyal users.

The goal is not 100 percent of the users becoming buyers, then customers. The goal is making clarity on what it is that you deliver and to whom and how you continue to have them understand that, while you engage in deliberate trade.

Figure out your model before the hype and the emotional distractions that markets and well intentioned opinions may try to wreack on your resolve. It's your business. Drive it.


[image courtesy of Marco Bellucci]

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