Email as the Connective Tissue

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Many of you have sent positive feedback about my  this newsletter. When executed with permission, email is still the most connective medium to transactions. And transactions are the purest form of preference. Email is a more intimate way to establish value and build rapport as well.

Email tethers together customer experiences across channels.

For example, Glamour puts blog content in its weekly e-newsletter. British Airways created an email campaign to drive downloads of its new Executive Club app. generated 8,500 new leads for 50 cents each by emailing existing subscribers with a referral offer that they could forward via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

There is tremendous value from one more visit and one more purchase by loyal customers.

There are things you can do with email that allow you to become very specific with offers. Travelocity increased its bottom line by 12.3% by customizing email offers to lapsed customers. And Geico is growing faster than any other insurance company in the US because it invests in segmentation and precision marketing.

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[Examples and chart courtesy Forrester: US Interactive Marketing Report, 2011 to 2016]

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