Find the Magic. Find the User. Connect the Two.


It was the opening line of a job position for Head of Business Brand Marketing at Google. I really like the opening, only ordered differently: Find the magic. Find the user. Connect the two.

Because it sounds a little like the concept we have here: Connecting ideas and people. The ideas come first – they are the attractors, the value for the right people. Technology is an enabler. Even when you are in the technology business, it's still about what people want to do.

In that vein, it would be a job that helps users (people, us) solve the world's problems in unconventional ways through the use of the organization's technology products. People and their problems or quests, as it may be, at the center.

Which is how you make the user the hero, and, yes, let technology speak for itself. It's a small adjustment in the word order from the description, if you take a look. It's a good leap forward in meeting wants (and needs).

Find the magic

Personal attention and support is one of ways in which technology can help people dance with the brooms (if you'll pardon the Disney reference), and create magic in their own lives. Which then helps your business make buyers of users, and then customers from there, with repeat business.

People do want freedom, and that is as personal as it gets.

Give customers their own data back, too, so they can use it to find more magic.

Find the user

It becomes easier when there is a promise to make good on. Online, the fun is all at the intersection of content and people. The first conversation helps you classify relationships for the purposes of scaling context-based communications. The second takes care of topical focus.

Commerce is good. What is objectionable is manipulation and boring marketing. Jonathan Fields agrees: You've gotta play and have fun as a marketer and bring people along.

Connect the two

Regardless of what happens online, connections happen in real life, which is why emails, phone calls, or in person meetings are (still) the best conversion tools. And why author's head goes for sale at $170,000.

One big, goofy piece of something much bigger, is good. When surprise is not of the blindsiding kind.

For that connection to happen, there is no such thing as enough imaginative creativity with consistency of purpose applied behind it. You cannot just say you're fun, then be fun when it suits you, for example.

Play a character. Have character to back it up.


PS: Happy Birthday (Buon Compleanno), Dad. This one is for you.

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