Tell Them You Care

La Lunga Strada

Think back to that day. Who did you call when you heard the news?

This person was important to you.

It's been a decade. Is this person still living?

What was the last time you spoke to them?

Pick up the phone. Tell them you care.

When your call is done, consider how fortunate you were to have made it.


[image by Alex de Carvalho]

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0 responses to “Tell Them You Care”

  1. I called my Grandma that morning . . . I recently lost her this February but she is forever in my heart. Remembering those who lost their lives and those who will remember them forever with reverence, compassion and love.

  2. I lost mine in March. The first thing I did when I saw what was happening, before even understanding it or processing, I sent an email to my family in Italy. I didn’t want them to worry, because we did a lot of business in NYC at the time. In fact, I began to like being in Manhattan even more after that day.
    The consulting firm I used to work at was acquired by one of the firms in the WTC. I had lost my job when the merger went through. Which means there were people I knew personally in the towers…

  3. A positive message for an event that has created a lot of negativity, fear, and violence. I didn’t take it so positively when writing about it.
    I hope the feeling of your loss has faded into a more positive than negative one, Valeria.

  4. Not sure I understand your comment. I worked in insurance brokerage and risk management. Take a look at the companies that were in the Trade Center. I had many friends in there, some of them recent colleagues…

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